Indonesia is an archipelago. It has thousands of island. Almost which separated by seas. Indonesia lies between Asia and Australia. It has tropical climate.

The Capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. It is lies in Java island. Actually Indonesia has five Biggest island. They are Sumatera, Jawa, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua. Indonesia has so many culture. Each part have their own culture. Such as, there are Batak race in North Sumatera, Minangkabau in west Sumatera, Sunda in west Java, Bugis in Sulawesi and many others culture in different places.

The Formal Language of Indonesia is Indonesian. But actually, almost of Indonesian people speak the different language. Each culture has their own language. But it is not the problem for the unity. Because of all Indonesia people understand the Indonesian Language.

Indonesia is one of the tourism destination countries. Many foreign tourists have came to Indonesia. The diversity culture make foreign tourists interested to visit Indonesia. Besides, Indonesia has so many beautiful islands. Such as Bali, Bangka, Lombok and etc. Bali is the most popular island. Most people around the world know this island. Beside bali, there is Komodo Island. This is one of several candidates that will voted to be one of New seven wonders of the world.

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